Essential Oils

We get many questions regarding the essential oils we use in our products. This is something very important to us so we are happy to explain.


The quality of the ingredients that we use is something that we do not take lightly. Our aim is to create high quality, purely natural skin care products. This means we will not accept the use of any sub-par or adulterated oils in our products. Since our products contain essential oils, we took it upon ourselves to do extensive research to find out what to look for and how to determine the purity of an essential oil.

What we’ve learned

We were surprised to learn that “therapeutic grade” actually doesn’t carry much weight. It turns out that there is no standard regulated by any agency that essential oil companies must adhere to in order to label their oils as “therapeutic grade”. We were also surprised to learn that many companies have designed their own certifications to make it appear that they are the best. When in reality, they have simply set their own standard.

What we use

After much research and testing, we are confident that we are using the best essential oils available. We do not use only one brand or company, but several companies. We purchase USDA certified organic essential oils whenever possible. Any essential oil we use must meet our criteria; which is stated below.

Our Criteria
1. We must know the Country of Origin
2. We look for and compare the botanical names to be sure that we are getting the actual essential oil. For example, we don’t just look for “eucalyptus”, but the actual botanical name.
3. We take into consideration the part of the plant used in distillation, since this affects the quality of the oil.
4. It must be steam distilled with no solvents used.
5. The company must be open and honest about providing copies of their testing sheets such as GC-MS testing, or other tests.

Although we do not consider ourselves experts, we simply want to make known our practice in selecting essential oils for our products. We feel that it is important for a consumer to not only know the ingredients in a product, but the quality of the ingredients.