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Long Soap Dish - Zero Waste

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13 inch long Soap Dish, Sponge Holder, Kitchen Tray
Measurements: 3x13 inches and 3/4 inches thick

These dishes are all made from natural, untreated wood. Choose from Beech, Cedar or Zebra, please read below...

This soap dish is handmade here in the US and is designed to quickly drain water off soaps, helping them to dry out and last longer. This is our extra long version, measuring 13 inches in length and can easily fit 3 or more soaps! These dishes are long lasting - we've had the same dishes in our shower for over a year and they are still in great condition. This is a one piece design with no nails, glue or anything that can come apart after years of use.

Beech wood is a harder, very durable wood. It is a heavier wood and has more of a luxury feel to it. May bleed some tannins, but not common.

Cedar is lightweight, aromatic, and extremely long lasting in wet conditions. This dish can bleed tannins (brown water runoff). Please read note below

Zebra is a heavier, luxury wood with beautiful, one of a kind stripes! This dish is coated with a mixture of orange and tung oil, bringing out the beauty. May bleed some tannins, but not common.

Imperfect 2 pack - You will get 2 dishes that are still fully functional and beautiful, but have minor imperfections. Your imperfect dishes may be cedar, beech or zebra - whatever we happen to have when you order!

PLEASE NOTE: These are natural raw wood and are not coated with any lacquer in an effort to keep everything all natural. They will last a very long time and are very durable even when exposed to water. At times natural tannins in the wood may cause some brown water to run off the soap dish. This is completely natural and will stop with time. You are welcome to coat them once you receive them if you prefer to do so. These tannins at times can stain very sensitive surfaces. For this reason we do not recommend using these dishes on marble or light colored natural stone.

Customer Reviews

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Valerie B.
Great to have in the shower

I have had and used this dish for several years now and i love it! I have my shaving soap on it and my husbands shaving stuff on it. Keeps everything organized looking and love that it allows my soap to dry without it creating a sticky mess on the shelf in my shower. I have the cedar one and haven't had any issues with tannins.