Organic Castile Liquid Soap Gallon

Organic Castile Liquid Soap Gallon

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Bulk Organic Castile Liquid Hand Soap, Refill Concentrate

We are happy to offer our organic castile soap in gallon jugs as a refill option. Creamy, moisturizing and concentrated. We recommend diluting this soap 1 part soap to 1 part water for a foaming pump. If using a regular soap pump, use undiluted. This soap is thinner than most commercial soaps as we have not added any synthetic thickeners so we do recommend a foaming pump not only for the best results, but to make your soap concentrate last twice as long.

This jug will make 32 - 8oz bottles of foaming soap. This works out to be $1.69/bottle!! Huge savings!

This gallon of organic castile soap comes unscented. If you desire to add scent we recommend adding a few drops of essential oils and have fun customizing to your liking.

NOTE: We are trying to reduce plastic every way we can. Unfortunately there are no cost effective ways to package gallons without using plastic, and without a huge risk of breaking. We encourage you to find a way to re-use these jugs, or recycle them. Even so, one gallon jug is much less plastic waste than the 32 small plastic soap pumps it replaces. It is still making a difference and reducing plastic. We are also not buying plastic soap pumps anymore, but are offering an empty foaming pump (8oz) for free along with the purchase of this gallon if you would like. This is available until our current foaming pump stock is used up.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic sunflower and organic coconut, water, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract.