5 Bars Organic Soap - You Choose!

5 Bars Organic Soap - You Choose!

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Want to stock up on your favorite soaps and shampoos? Choose any 5 bars of soap and/or shampoo and save! Your price for these bars works out to be $9 each! You may pick up to five different soaps and/or shampoos from what is currently available in our shop, excluding the dish soaps. Be sure to list the bars you would like in the "notes" box at checkout.

Each body soap is 6 oz. Each Shampoo or Facial bar is 4 oz.

Please keep in mind that in our soaps we only use natural teas, herbs and essential oils to add scent, so sometimes scents will be softer or lighter than soaps that use synthetic chemical fragrances.

100% Natural

Note: handmade bars of soap will last a long time if kept dry between uses and are kept out of direct streams of water. We recommend using a draining soap dish to make the most of your bar of soap.