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Organic Lavender Lotion Bar

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Lavender Lotion Bar - Organic Lotion Bar - Solid Lotion

4 oz bar in metal tin

We have fallen in love with lotion bars! They are easy to use, super rich and moisturizing, all natural, and you can travel with them!

The main benefit to lotion bars is that there are no chemicals, no preservatives, no fillers! Regular lotions are largely made up of water, mixed with moisturizing oils. Because of the water a preservative has to be added - yucky chemicals! These lotion bars are just the nourishing oils with no water and no chemicals. This is a better value for your money and healthier for your skin!

How do you use a lotion bar? Just glide across warm skin and a thin layer of moisturizing oils will be left on your skin. We think it works even better when skin is slightly damp such as when getting out of the shower. It's not greasy, soaks in fast and leaves you with super soft skin.

NOTE: if your lotion bar seems too hard, just run it under hot water and rub it around in your hands to soften, this is especially helpful in winter.

Because it's a solid bar you can travel with it in your purse and not worry about having liquids on the plane.

Our lotion bar comes in a reusable tin.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic sunflower oil, lavender essential oil, organic lavender flowers

100% Natural

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Titsworth
Organic Lavender Lotion Bar

Wonderful fragrance and better than any hand lotion I've ever tried. Great for cuticles also.

Kathleen Brady
Love these for myself and gifts!

I have re-ordered these many times, love them! I tried them the first time because I have been attempting to eradicate single use plastics. I love the reusable tin, it’s very useful for gathering/storing small items like ponytail holders or paper clips. I have found that the bar doesn’t come out of the tin very easily which is not problematic. I just scoop a little of the product with my finger and then emulsify it between my hands and apply that way. I have sensitive skin and I’m prone to folliculitis on the lower extremities and this formula works very well for me.


This lavender bar is nice but I prefer the calendula. Scent isn’t overpowering, which is nice. But the calendula barely has a scent and it soothes my irritated skin more.

Love this lotion so much !

This lavender lotion is amazing and it smells so good! I love putting a little bit on my face and shoulders right before bed, it helps sooth my mind, relax, and I go right to sleep !