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Organic Rosehip Oil - Cold Pressed

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100% Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

2oz glass bottle with dropper

This is the exact rosehip oil we purchase and make our products with. We only purchase the best certified organic ingredients for our products. This rosehip oil is no exception - it is 100% pure, cold pressed, and certified organic by the USDA. Rosehip oil is so beneficial, we've decided to give you the option to purchase it on its own! Prefer to have it diluted a bit? You can find this ingredient in our Anti Wrinkle Serum and Rosehip Regenerating Cream.

Rosehip oil has so many skin benefits, but a few of its claimed powers are:
-Brightens skin
-Boosts collagen formation
-Helps reduce inflammation
-Helps protect against sun damage
-Reduces hyperpigmentation
-Reduces scars and fine lines

That's quite a list! So how do you use it? Just a few drops massaged into your skin should do the trick! 2oz bottles contain approximately 1200 drops - this should last you for quite some time. Each bottle is glass, and comes with a glass dropper.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Andrews
Been Using for Years

I have been using this organic rose hip oil from Brooklyn Made Natural since I was in my mid sixties and in my opinion it works the best of any kind of oil I have ever used. (Including other very expensive organic rose hip oils.) This Brooklyn Made Natural organic rose hip oil has made my skin so soft and supple. My skin just drinks it in and responds well to the nourishment. So happy to have found this particular organic rose hip oil as it keeps my 72 year old skin healthy and hydrated, in spite of our Michigan Winters!


best rosehip oil ever <3 first rosehip oil that I've used that doesn't smell like fish <3 thanks very much


I’ve been using this consistently since I have received it. It’s been working great on my skin! It’s been hydrating, refreshing, brightening, and I do feel my skin overall feels and looks better after I use it.

Rose oil

I love this oil. This is the first time that I use it. It feels great on my skin and it is very moisturizing.